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GFCO has updated the GFCO Approved Testing Kits, Methods and Use document. A link is provided in the following statement from our legal team. 



For purposes of GFCO's gluten-free certification program, GFCO only approves certain gluten test kits and methods currently certified for gluten testing by AOAC and AACCI.  The current list of approved gluten test kits and methods is available in the document below: GFCO Approved Testing Kits, Methods and Use (dated Nov 2013).  No other gluten test kits or methods, including the Elution and GEB extraction methods, are currently approved by GFCO.  Use of an unapproved test kit or method will require gluten testing of each batch/production lot/run, as well as weekly testing of products pulled from POS locations, at company expense.


GFCO has learned that at least one testing laboratory has stated or implied that it has a special relationship with GFCO and that, as a result, test kits and methods used by it, although not on GFCO's approved list, are acceptable to GFCO.  This is not the case.  GFCO has no specific relationship with any testing lab, and the only approved testing kits and methods are on the list referenced above.


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 GFCO Approved Testing Kits 11.13

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