GIG Kids Programs

GIG Kids programs provide support to children living a gluten-free lifestyle and their families.


Overnight Summer Camps: GIG believes in children with gluten sensitivities need to learn how to live within the “real world.” We offer integrated summer camp programs, where our gluten-free kids go to camp with non-GF children to have a great summer camping experience. GIG Kids Camp volunteers work to prepare GF meals to match or exceed the regular camp menu. We work with the children to help them be responsible for their choices by educating them and everyone at camp about special food needs. We take advantage of the camping experience to educate other campers and staff about gluten sensitivities by sharing special treats and games played during snack times. These have become popular activities at camp for everyone and helps the GIG Kids to feel good about themselves.

GIG Kids Camps are in Seattle WA and Wake Forest NC. If you would like to help start additional GIG Kids Camps, please contact us at

GIG Kids Day Camp:
This program offers younger kids the chance to have a fun-day learning and doing activities related to living gluten-free (GF). These programs are run by local GIG Branches. For more information about a program near you, contact us at


This special publication is designed for kids 5-10. It is written by a child and her mom to help others learn about living gluten-free. The games, stories, and activities help children learn about living gluten-free.


Digest This! is an educational kit filled with lesson plans, activities, and discussions for young children, teens and parents, all designed to help children and families learn about living gluten-free. Lessons include information on the diet, physiology, coping, label reading, and much more. This kit is a great resource for schools, childrens groups or anyone wanting to teach children about being gluten-free. Digest This! can be purchased through our Store.