Social Programs


GIG is dedicated to supporting people with celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders. GIG staff responds to consumers’ letters, e-mails and phone calls on a daily basis. Registered dietitians provide information on diet and health issues, while other knowledgeable staff help respond to questions such as how to connect with local GIG Branch support groups.

Youth Services: Youth Programs include GIGs Celiac Kids Club magazine, and GIG Kids Camps. Celiac Kids Club is a quarterly magazine that connects and educates children with gluten sensitivities on safe alternatives for gluten-containing foods through recipes, games and activities. It is written by Calli and her mom.

GIG Kids Camps help children attend gluten-free week at Camp Kanata in Wake Forest, North Carolina, and Camp Sealth in Vashon Island, Washington, each year. These integrated summer camp programs give children with gluten sensitivities a chance to have a great experience and sets parents minds at ease because they do not worry about the food making their child sick.

GIG Branches: Provide valuable community-based support and information to people living gluten-free. There are currently 90 GIG Branches operating throughout the United States. Close collaboration between the local Branches and the GIG national office helps ensure that Branches operate with the highest possible standards of professional conduct. Training and education is provided to Branch leaders so that they are well-equipped to educate, inform and support their local Branch members. Members of the gluten-free community can benefit greatly by joining a local Branch support group, whether they are looking for information on the realities of living gluten-free day-to-day, want to find out about local gluten-free friendly restaurants, or are simply seeking a place where they can share experiences and get support from other individuals who share their concerns about living gluten-free. Branch activities vary by location and size of Branch but one thing remains constant: GIG Branch leaders are dedicated to providing the best possible information and support to their members.



Magazine: The GIG quarterly print magazine includes articles on diverse aspects of living gluten-free, ranging from health concerns to lifestyle issues. Research updates, cookbook reviews and recipes are also regular features. This full color magazine is a benefit of GIG membership. Find out about advertising with GIG

Educational bulletins: These free handouts are written by GIG registered dietitians. Topics cover a broad range of subjects, such as getting started on a gluten-free diet, a heart healthy diet and celiac disease, and tips on restaurant dining. Many bulletins are also available in Spanish.

Conferences: GIG’s conferences are an opportunity for our sponsors, our members, as well as gluten-sensitive individuals and families to learn more together. Exhibitors provide the opportunity to learn about new gluten-free products, and health screenings are also offered.

Blog: An informative blog provides tips and updates on trends within the gluten-free industry.