The Gluten-Free Certification Organization

The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) is a program of The Gluten Intolerance Group.


GFCO’s Scientific and Professional Board review the practices of GFCO.   GFCO inspects products and manufacturing facilities for gluten. GFCO does not certify products for other potential allergens. The contents of this site are not intended as medical advice.


The Leading Gluten-Free Certification Program

The GF logo stands for the independent verification of quality, integrity, and purity of products. Products carrying the GF logo represents unmatched reliability and for meeting strict gluten-free standards. GFCO is the leading gluten-free certification program in the world.


Update on GFCO Boulder Canyon Pull-Back
On Jan 23, 2014 GFCO issued a public pullback notice for Boulder Canyon Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt chips. These chips were not certified by GFCO but were misbranded by including the GFCO logo on the packaging. Boulder Canyon is taking the necessary steps to correct this issue by covering all GFCO logos on packaging in distribution and is now using new packaging that removes both the GFCO logo and the words “Gluten Free” from the packaging.Concerns have been noted to GFCO as to why a recall did not take place. Boulder Canyon chose not to recall the product, and instead made modifications to the packaging to correct the misuse of the GFCO logo. The potential for a FDA recall after August 5, 2014 is separate from any GFCO misbranding issue. GFCO does not represent the FDA and cannot enforce current or proposed FDA regulations when the term “Gluten Free” is used on packaging. GFCO only governs the licensing and approval of the use of the GFCO logo. The FDA has established that ALL companies have until August 5, 2014 to make the necessary changes to comply with the Gluten Free Labeling Regulation. Once the regulation is in effect, any product not meeting the FDA definition may face recall by the FDA. Boulder Canyon, like all companies, has until August 5, 2014 to comply with the FDA Gluten Free Regulation.
GFCO’s Position on Use of Malt Ingredients in Products Certified Gluten-Free
GFCO does not allow the use of any ingredient that is derived from wheat, rye, barley or hybrids of these grains in products certified gluten-free, unless such ingredient has been processed to remove gluten, using testing methods validated* for the specific ingredient matrix and the ingredient tests at 10 ppm or less gluten.Due to the current lack of scientifically reliable and validated testing methods, GFCO does not allow malted, fermented and hydrolyzed ingredients or finished products made from wheat, rye, barley or hybrids of these grains to be certified gluten-free. GFCO will monitor the ongoing research of a validated method for such ingredients or products and consider any new methods for future updates to GFCO standards. *Testing methods must be validated by 3rd party scientific organizations, such as AOAC International and AACC International. To learn more about GFCO visit our FAQ by clicking here___________________________________________________________________________
NOTICE:PRODUCT PULLBACK NOTICE — ACTION REQUIRED BOULDER CANYON (Natural Foods) MALT VINEGAR AND SEA SALT KETTLE CHIPS (Jan, 23, 2014) The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) has issued an immediate product pull-back notice to Boulder Canyon for the Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt Kettle chips. These chips are not certified by GFCO.
Boulder Canyon is committed to working with the GFCO to proactively rectify the labeling issue on our Malt Vinegar chips.If you have questions about this product, contact Boulder Canyon at (866) 890-1004About GFCO – GFCO is a voluntary 3rd party gluten-free certification organization whose standard is 10 ppm gluten or less. GFCO requires compliance with the FDA definition of gluten-free that products not contain wheat, rye, barley and hybrids of these grains. GFCO requires compliance with strict manufacturing, testing and inspection procedures.___________________________________________________________________________
(Sept, 2013)  The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) has issued an immediate product pull-back notice to Purely Elizabeth (NY) for the following granola products due to possible unsafe gluten levels. CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS___________________________________________________________________________
Unauthorized Use of Certification
(Jan, 2013) Good Greens 
– Products made by Good Greens are not certified by GFCO. The company has indicated falsely that they have been certified by GFCO. This company has never been certified by GFCO and is using the GFCO trademark in violation of Trademark Law.___________________________________________________________________________


GFCO Studies Gluten in Ground Spices

There has been some concern of late about gluten in ground spices.  Canada’s Federal Inspection Agency (CFIA) recently released a study investigating this matter.  The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), a program of the Gluten Intolerance Group, is currently conducting a study to explore the level, if any, of gluten found in ground spices on the market today.   We have collected samples throughout the country and are testing them using multiple methods for detecting gluten.  Our results will be forthcoming as soon as the data has been received and analyzed.  Stay tune for information as we release it on our website.

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