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  • The Gluten Free Bistro Celebrates Celiac Awareness Month!

    05/09/2014 |

    Boulder, CO (May 6, 2014) – The Gluten Free Bistro is celebrating Celiac Awareness Month with sales on their product line at select retailers. Customers will find their pizza crust and dough and Pepperoni and Margherita Bistro Bites Mini Pizzas on sale throughout the month of May. This month is the time to support those […]

  • The Gluten Free Bistro Launches New Greek Vegan Bistro Bite Flavor for Whole Foods!

    02/12/2014 |

    Boulder, CO (February 10, 2014) – The Gluten Free Bistro announced today a new addition to their Bistro Bite Mini Pizza line – the Greek Vegan. The new Greek Vegan flavor offers delicious non-GMO ingredients including: tomatoes, spinach, kalamata olives and Daiya vegan cheese. This vegan option of mini pizza is free of: casein, lactose, […]

  • Gluten-Free Quiz

    12/23/2013 |

    Test your gluten-free knowledge and send on to friends and family to help educate them too. GIG assisted the Wall Street Journal in preparing this quick, fun, visual quiz.

  • Harvester Brewing Launches Draft Distribution with IPA No.3

    12/18/2013 |

    Harvester Brewing is pleased to announce their first draft beer release with their newest IPA, No. 3. The grain bill of IPA No. 3 features both roasted chestnuts and roasted buckwheat.  Crystal and Santiam hops are added throughout the boil and as dry-hops. The combination of buckwheat, Crystal, and Santiam hops create interesting flavor and […]

  • Living Gluten-Free is Getting Easier

    12/17/2013 |

    San Antonio Express-News, December 16, 2013   Anne Barfield, Branch Manager of GIG San Antonio, as well as Lola O’Rourke, GIG registered dietitian provided input, including these tips on dining out:  • If possible, go to restaurants that you have determined ahead of time have gluten-free options. • Dine at off-hours rather than at peak […]

  • FDA Clarifies Gluten-Free Regulation Impact on Restaurants

    12/03/2013 |

    Recently the FDA updated the Question and Answer document related to the impact on restaurants who choose to label items gluten-free., question #9 now reads: Does the final rule apply to gluten-free claims made for foods served in restaurants, including cafeterias and buffets? FDA recognizes that compliance with the gluten-free rule in processed foods […]

  • Want to participate in a research study?!

    11/25/2013 |

        If you have refractory celiac disease and are interested in participating in a research study on a potential treatment, link here for information.  Study is organized by the Mayo Clinic in collaboration with the University of Chicago.  

  • Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill Test MyBread Gluten-Free Pita

    11/20/2013 |

    Three Colorado locations are offering the pre-baked gluten-free alternative DENVER (November 12, 2013)

  • Recruitment Notice! the Educational, Dietary, and Social Experiences of College Students with Celiac Disease

    10/03/2013 | Pennsylvania State University

    College students are invited to volunteer for a study conducted for research purpose…

  • FDA Statement on Testing and Analysis of Arsenic in Rice and Rice Products

    09/11/2013 | FDA


  • Retailers React to Gluten-Free Standards

    08/26/2013 | Carol Angrisani

    WASHINGTON – Now that the Food and Drug Administraiton has

  • FDA defines “gluten-free” for food labeling

    08/12/2013 | Rebecca Powell

    New rule provides standard definition…