What People say about GIG

We are so excited about this and look forward to working with you. Your entire team is so helpful and has been able to guide us through this very well. I much appreciate it and am happy to have chosen GFCO over the other certifying company.
– – – Markus, Manna Organics


Nichol and the GIG staff are so swift! Most places I expect to have to wait [for a response].  I love the ideas your group is creating for kids. It is awesome!
– – – VG, mom of child with CD


I want to thank you again for all that you have done to promote our needs and know that, through your efforts, we will all have many more bountiful and safe sources for our food.
– – – MF, Mother of college student


KUDOS goes to CJ !!!! 
LJ from Hope Food Sciences took the time today to speak to me to let us know how impressed he was with CJ, her phone demeanor, her helpfulness and the information she shared with him.  He was VERY pleased and said he got a lot of helpful information!!!  “Keep up the good work” were his final words!
– – – Industry Div Staff


We cannot begin to express how thankful we are to you for listing Dr. Rudert on your website and for her expert care.  After years of searching for answers to my daughter’s health problems, finding her expertise and guidance has truly been a miracle.
Nancy (GIG Volunteer) was most helpful and researched to quickly find contacts!  I am most grateful for her wonderful help!  Thank you very much :) Thank you for all your work with GIG.  We are most grateful.
– – – JL, Mother of teenager


Garlic Jim’s has enjoyed our long-term partnership with GIG and their various programs.  GIG is truly a leader in the gluten-free community and their advocacy and effective programs serve the gluten free community and all consumers.  The Chef to Plate program is unique and a great way of spreading the word that Garlic Jim’s serves gluten-free pizza.  We are excited to participate every year.
– – – Ross Marzoff, Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza