Our Staff

Cynthia Kupper, Executive Director

  •  She is a dietitian having worked as a diabetes educator
  •  Believes in hard work and having fun
  •  Raised guide dogs for the blind for 18 years


Nichol Creach, Director

  •  Has two beautiful children
  •  Enjoys scrapbooking
  •  Does her best brainstorming when she is eating or driving

Rebecca Powell

  •  Likes making beautiful mosaic stepping stones and bird houses from colored glass
  •  Loves to snorkel off the coast of Mexico, where the water is warm and the fish are colorful
  •  Loves learning about history and seeing how it built the world we live in today.

Hanh Nguyen

  •  Lived on 3 different continents
  •  Has played the violin since the 5th grade
  •  Has random bursts of fun energy that makes us all smile

Lola O’Rourke, Director of Education and Communications

  • A dietitian with experience in public health, the food industry and communications.
  •  Is fluent in Spanish
  •  Enjoys traveling, reading and food-oriented social occasions


Channon Quinn, Director

  •  Loves walking the rocky shores of the Puget Sound, listening to the rain, horseback riding with friends, and playing in the snow or hiking at Mount Rainier.
  •  Has two beautiful daughters
  •  Loves animals! Raised guide dogs for years, rescued dogs and horses


Ivy Ostenberg

  •  Has a son who pushes her to be the best person she can be
  •  Likes muscle cars and tattoos
  • Learning to cook

CJ West

  •  She says “GIG has opened a whole new world for me. I have expanded my taste buds and knowledge”
  •  She has 2 beautiful children
  •  Her secret talent – she can lick her elbow!


Erlene Smith, Operations & Accounting

  •  A loving mother, grandmother and caregiver
  •  Sings, is a pianist and music director
  •  Loves to crochet, knit and make jewelry

Nancy Kloberdanz, Office Administrator

  •  A GIG office volunteer since 1998
  •  A former Drafter at The Boeing Company
  •  Many grandchildren and great grandchildren